Five Years B.A.LL.B.

The Enabling Degree

Course Details:

B.A.LL.B is a dual degree five years course. The academic program is multidimensional and is complimented with distinguished faculties, well equipped computer lab, wireless internet, library facilities, multimedia classrooms, interactive teaching approaches, paper presentation combined with a practical moot court argumentation and internship in reputed legal institutions; all of which helps to sharpen & foster young mind to pursue their carrier as legal professionals.

Candidates seeking B.A.LL.B. course are required to engage in research based and pragmatic field based study. Candidates are attached to reputed and national legal institutions as interns so as to gain a first-hand experience on the impact of law and justice in the society and community at large.

This English medium five year B.A. LL.B. program is extensively designed to generate young and competent lawyer to undertake legal profession in Nepal and abroad by concentrating on four specialized areas i.e. Business Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law and Environment & Development Law.

Course Syllabus

This is a five year full-fledged and a regular course that is offered in the day shift for those candidates who aspire to build a carrier as eminent lawyers candidate who wants to join the course held to have HS beneficiate (eg+2) or an equivalent degree from any stream (Arts, Science & Commerce).

Submissions of Credentials:

During the time of admission, the successful candidates will have to submit original certificates, mark sheet or transcript and other documents demanded by the college.

A typical subjects in B.A.LL.B.:

  • 1st year

    First Year Courses

    • Political Theory & Thoughts
    • Nepalese Economics
    • History of Nepal
    • Sociology
    • General Principles of Law
    • General Concepts of Law
    • Theories of Logic and Legal Reasoning
    • Clinical Works
  • 2nd year

    Second Year Courses

    • Legal English
    • Legal Nepali
    • Legislative Principles
    • Procedural Law
    • Sociology of Law
    • Criminal Law
    • International Relation and Diplomacy
    • Clinical Course
  • 3rd year

    Third Year Courses

    • International Human Rights Law
    • Principles of Interpretation
    • Law of Evidence
    • Public International Law
    • Constitutional Law & Constitutionalism
    • Legal Research
    • Professional Ethics
    • Clinical Legal Education: Effective Legal Writing Civil Cases.
    • Clinical Work: Advocacy Service to Community (Outreach Program)
  • 4th year

    Fourth Year Courses

    • Advance Jurisprudence
    • Contract Law
    • Company Law
    • Administrative Law
    • Settlement of International Disputes
    • Clinical Education: Community Outreach and Rural Law Advocacy Service
    • Clinical Legal Education: Effective Legal Writing Criminal Case.

    Elective Subject

    • Criminal Law Group
    • Forensic Science & Medical Jurisprudence
    • Criminology & Penology
    • Business Law Group
    • Banking & Insurance Law
    • International Trade Law & Arbitration
    • Constitutional Law Group
    • Laws on Good Governance
    • Electoral Law
    • Environment & Development Law
    • Environment Law
    • Water & River Law
    • Seminar Paper Presentation
  • 5ht year

    Fifth Year Courses

    • Agrarian Law
    • Labour Law
    • Humanitarian & Conflict Resolution Law
    • Conservation Law
    • Private International Law
    • Dissertation & Internship
    • Pre-Trial Presentation, Trial Advocacy and Appellate Advocacy

    Elective Subject

    • Criminal Law Group
    • Law against Organized Crime
    • Fiscal Crime Law
    • Business Law Group
    • Constitutional Law Group
    • Laws of Equity Torts & Consumer Protection
    • Gender & Disadvantage Group Law
    • Environment & Development Law Group
    • Energy Law
    • Civil Aviation & Tourism Law
    • Seminar Paper Presentation

Admission Open!!!

Admission is now open for this course.

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